Monday, July 28, 2008

Two other blogs linked, TR2N trailer offline

Hey, I hope the 5 or so people that have seen this blog are enjoying it thus far. I've put up the two other pages, as well as my first top five list. I would like some feedback from those who read this. Look tonight for my review of Phineas and Ferb and my thoughts on WALL-E's best picture chances.

Tell your friends!

Also, The TR2N video has been taken down. Disney refuses to cater to the fan not in San Diego by not releasing the trailer online, and will for some reason not allow others to show it. This doesn't make sense to me. If you are not going to put it on a website of some sort, then why can't the fans share the great news by showing the world the epicness of the trailer? Let me know when you readers have an answer

I also just noticed I spelled review wrong on the reviews page. Most Likely, I'll start the site over, since I haven't really put anything up on it

On a final note, I edited the comment settings, so now anyone can comment on my posts

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