Sunday, July 27, 2008

Absolutley Stunning...

So I turn on my TV about 20 minutes ago, watch some ESPN, and wonder "What's on the Disney Channel Today?" So I turn to Disney Channel Central to find Eddie's Million Dollar Cook off, which is not terrible. I flip down to Disney Channel West to find Playhouse Disney, then again to Toon Disney, which is playing Jungle Book 2. Now, I hate most of the Direct to Video sequels, so I flip on the DirecTV guide to see what is on Cartoon Network, to see if it worth flipping to. Then I notice that Timon and Pumbaa is on, which is one of my favorite shows based off a feature film. I hit right to see which episode it is, and the guide flips to the next hour of programing. That is when my eyes widen, my jaw drops, and I gasp. That is when I see three words, when put together, create the most infamous movie in Disney History.

The Black Cauldron.

I had previously thought that Disney had totally forgotten everything from the 80s had even exsited beside The Little Mermaid (sometimes I beleive that Disney forgets that it ever had an animation department before the 90s, but that is another blog post for another time.) I have seen the film, and I did not enjoy it, but it is a pleasing sign to see Disney begin to play older films on TV again, instead of Atlantis every other day. (Though I did enjoy Atlantis more than others did)

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