Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be Prepared (for an epic website)

Hello Everyone! If you are reading this, you have dared to venture into the mouth of Monstro...I mean, into the webpage known as Disney and Beyond! On this blog (which I am trying to make like a real website) I will post different commentaries about different aspects of the Walt Disney Company. The Films, the Television Show, the Parks, everything! I will hopefully be able to atract some visitors who will find my style interesting.

I plan to add links to a couple more Pages I want to make (Such as a reviews page and top 5/10 page), so I hope to expand greatly. Throughout the first couple of days I will be posting about the following topics:

-Is Pixar overpopulating the parks?
-WALL-E: Shot at best picture?
-Rides I would like to see be made into movies
-Preveiwing Disney World Trip 2008 part 3

Eventually, I hope to add my plans for a Disney Attraction. So stop by, add a comment, and wait for the sparks to fly


(If you want to suggest which topic I start off with, let me know on the comments page)