Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Princess and the Frog Teaser online

To the surprise of many, including me, Disney has released their first teaser trailer for next Thanksgiving's Princess and the Frog.

I for one have been looking forward to this film since the first minute it was announced. This film will officially end my boycott of Disney produced Animated films (Which start after Brother Bear). The market has been over run with 3D films, and to see a 2D animated film on the big screen again, and one that is looking like it could have been released in the 90s. will be a sight for sore eyes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two other blogs linked, TR2N trailer offline

Hey, I hope the 5 or so people that have seen this blog are enjoying it thus far. I've put up the two other pages, as well as my first top five list. I would like some feedback from those who read this. Look tonight for my review of Phineas and Ferb and my thoughts on WALL-E's best picture chances.

Tell your friends!

Also, The TR2N video has been taken down. Disney refuses to cater to the fan not in San Diego by not releasing the trailer online, and will for some reason not allow others to show it. This doesn't make sense to me. If you are not going to put it on a website of some sort, then why can't the fans share the great news by showing the world the epicness of the trailer? Let me know when you readers have an answer

I also just noticed I spelled review wrong on the reviews page. Most Likely, I'll start the site over, since I haven't really put anything up on it

On a final note, I edited the comment settings, so now anyone can comment on my posts

Sunday, July 27, 2008


One of the biggest suprises at this year's San Deigo Comic Convention was Disney's reveal of Tron 2, or TR2N. The trailer of the long rumored movie was shown after the panel about the remake of Race to Witch Mountain.

Frist off, since when does the number 2 pass of as a replacement for the letter o? I don't mind it, but isn't that stretching the replacement trend?

Secondly, this trailer presents a couple of very interesting ideas that fans will be no doubt be debating until more information is released. I was shocked to see Jeff Bridges return as Kevin Flynn, proving that this will not be a campy sequel (ala Herbie:Fully Loaded) The Light Cycles were updated very nicely. I wonder what technology then are using for Clu (aka the younger Kevin Flynn) Could they be using computer animation to replicate the face?

All in all, I'm glad to see Disney taking this film seriously. Tron is known as a milestone in computer animation, the film that inspired John Lasseter to push the limits of animation. All things considered, this looks like it will be a worthy addition to the Tron Legacy.

Absolutley Stunning...

So I turn on my TV about 20 minutes ago, watch some ESPN, and wonder "What's on the Disney Channel Today?" So I turn to Disney Channel Central to find Eddie's Million Dollar Cook off, which is not terrible. I flip down to Disney Channel West to find Playhouse Disney, then again to Toon Disney, which is playing Jungle Book 2. Now, I hate most of the Direct to Video sequels, so I flip on the DirecTV guide to see what is on Cartoon Network, to see if it worth flipping to. Then I notice that Timon and Pumbaa is on, which is one of my favorite shows based off a feature film. I hit right to see which episode it is, and the guide flips to the next hour of programing. That is when my eyes widen, my jaw drops, and I gasp. That is when I see three words, when put together, create the most infamous movie in Disney History.

The Black Cauldron.

I had previously thought that Disney had totally forgotten everything from the 80s had even exsited beside The Little Mermaid (sometimes I beleive that Disney forgets that it ever had an animation department before the 90s, but that is another blog post for another time.) I have seen the film, and I did not enjoy it, but it is a pleasing sign to see Disney begin to play older films on TV again, instead of Atlantis every other day. (Though I did enjoy Atlantis more than others did)

Be Prepared (for an epic website)

Hello Everyone! If you are reading this, you have dared to venture into the mouth of Monstro...I mean, into the webpage known as Disney and Beyond! On this blog (which I am trying to make like a real website) I will post different commentaries about different aspects of the Walt Disney Company. The Films, the Television Show, the Parks, everything! I will hopefully be able to atract some visitors who will find my style interesting.

I plan to add links to a couple more Pages I want to make (Such as a reviews page and top 5/10 page), so I hope to expand greatly. Throughout the first couple of days I will be posting about the following topics:

-Is Pixar overpopulating the parks?
-WALL-E: Shot at best picture?
-Rides I would like to see be made into movies
-Preveiwing Disney World Trip 2008 part 3

Eventually, I hope to add my plans for a Disney Attraction. So stop by, add a comment, and wait for the sparks to fly


(If you want to suggest which topic I start off with, let me know on the comments page)