Saturday, July 18, 2009

A WDWer's view of Disneyland

After something around 40 trips to Walt Disney World, I was finally able to make it to Disneyland this past March. Here is a list somewhat comparing WDW to DL, in my own little style.

Things I liked better at DL
PotC- Blew me out of the water. It was just so much better in more ways than one.
Space Mountain-Repeat above, adding a comment about a great soundtrack.
Fantasyland- Really, an overall better collection of rides, and it doesn't look as cheap
Tiki Room-Given that I would like this. This was my first time seeing the original version of the show. It is absolutely wonderful, though honestly not my favorite

Things I like better at WDW
Tower of Terror- The DL version wasn't as bad as I thought It was going to be, but I still had a strong disliking of it, for a number of reasons
Splash Mountain- Prefer the banjo soundtrack at WDW, though both rides are excellent
Haunted Mansion- Ever so slightly, since their so similar. I like WDW's facade better than DL's
Buzz Lightyear= More references to the TV cartoon ;)
Small World- Officially on the I hate the Disney Characters in the ride bandwagon
Fronteirland- Very Underwhelming compared to the WDW one, which really gives a feel of the rambling old west.

Things exclusive to DL I liked
Matterhorn- Just a classic Roller Coaster
Roger Rabbit- WFRR is my favorite all time movie, and I loved all the inside references to Disney Cartoons in the queue. The Ride was fun to boot
Nemo Subs- Shocked at how much I loved this. I'm a big guy, and I actually like the feeling of being in the Subs. ME liking this shocked me almost as much as American Idol taking a liking from me
Indiana Jones- This should have been the fourth movie. It is a superb representation of the films.
California Screamin-Good Roller Coaster, with a nice soundtrack.
Remember...Dreams Come True- WOW MOST AMAZING THING EVER!
PDJ- Dunno Why, but I loved it.
Mr. Toad- First time ever riding it, Sad its not at WDW anymore.

Finally, I like the CMs in WDW better than the ones in DL. The ones in WDW just seem...happier to the guests. Also, I was shocked at the number of characters I saw over the two days, and even more shocked at who I saw. It was my first time seeing Br'er Bear and Fox as meetable in the parks, and I was floored to see Mickey Mouse as a Walk Around. That would never ever happen in WDW.

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Small World- Officially on the I hate the Disney Characters in the ride bandwagon.

Well, then, may I suggest that you get off that bandwagon.

I think that those Disney-character additions were done tastefully and seamlessly, considering that they kept the Small World design style.

One way you could look at them is that they're really not the actual characters, just normal Small World kids dressing up as their favorite fictional characters from their respective countries and owning toys/figures representing the animal characters and whatnot.

As one who is usually to change, I'm one of those who thinks they did a great job with that rehab and that it does not deserve to get bashed like it has on certain anti-Disney sites.