Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 Disney Films I want to write

I just finished the first part of my application for the University of Southern California, and I signed up for the Writing for Cinema and Television major, with the goal of becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer. However, I love movies, and there have been many movies that I've wanted to write. Here is a collection of already made Disney Movies and Park Rides I'd like to rewrite, in no particular order.

Expedition Everest- Think National Treasure, except with a giant Yeti looming over everyone. Trying to find the hidden village of the gods on Mount Everest, a group of explorers run into trouble with the locals, the mountain, and the fabled Yeti. This is my newest idea, and for sure needs more thought.

The Shaggy Dog- Yes, its been remade recently, but Shaggy is one of my favorites in the Disney live action library, and it needs a proper remake. Think about the original movie, except fit into the modern world, with a larger role for a mother character and the villain. Zac Effron would have been perfect for my Wilby. In fact, Vanessa Hudgens would have been a perfect love interest and dog owner. I'm sure another Disney Heartthrob will be there waiting for my script.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes- Medfield needs a larger role in today's Disney Films. This would actually be a mini spin off of another Disney Film I want to write which will end this list. In this modern age of technology, this would be a perfect film to re introduce to today's audience.

Space Mountain/Mission Space- Disney conquered the sea with the Pirates trilogy, so why not move to Space with another epic Trilogy. This one could be awesome, but honestly will be hard to write without copying Star Wars or Star Trek. A combination of two Disney Rides might make it easier. I've also thought about adding X-S as a major part of the story, which would add another Disney show to the mix.

and now, my first priority film to write.

Journey into Imagination- A combination of the old and new ride, this ride, to me, is just begging to be the next great Disney Film. Visually, think Sharkboy and Lavagirl, except a bit more adult and with better acting and less George Lopez. Nigel Channing, Dreamfinder, and of course Figment would all come along for the ride, along with some brand new villains. I really want to devote an entire post to this if your interested.
That's all for now. IF you want more information on my ideas, feel free to comment me.

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