Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eisner: Legend or Not?

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The renowned Jim Hill is reporting that Micheal Eisner is on the shortlist to become a Disney Legend at the next ceremony. Naturally, the bloggers, the forum-goers, and whoever can get their voice out there has been commentating on whether or not he deserves it. And now it is my turn.

First, Let's take a look what some of the thing Eisner did wrong
  1. He started the whole chain of "DVDquels." While I do respect some of them (Return to Neverland comes to mind), most of them just ruined the original movie (NEVER EVER WATCH CINDERELLA 3. I'm glad I didn't)
  2. Disneyland Paris. Not the park itself, but the location. See, Disney and Spain were close to agreement before France stepped in at the last minute with a cheaper offer. Though Spain would pretty much be a financial success, Eisner and his boys decided on the much riskier location of France, and we all know how tragic that was for all the parks.
  3. Almost Losing Pixar. With the relationship strained as a result of money issues with Toy Story 2, Eisner nearly put the Disney-Pixar relationship in the coffin when he announce Toy Story 3 was in development without Pixar's Consent. Thank Got for Roy.

While those things were completely terrible, What he did good outweighs the bad.

  1. He revitalized not only Disney animation, but the entire genre of Feature Animation. The Disney Renaissance would have never happened without him, and The Walt Disney Company would have not been what it is today. Hell, if Disney wasn't there, who would have the guts to take a chance at an expensive project like Toy Story? Which brings me to my next point
  2. Finding Pixar. Yes, the nearly ruined the relationship, but the relationship never starts without him. If there is one thing Eisner had that everyone has to agree on, was guts. He took a big chance, and it has payed off tremendously for the company
  3. Park Expansions. Hollywood Studios was his idea, you know.Eisner also pushed Disney to get with the current trend and build some "extreme rides" such as Test Track. Eisner's business sense was important to gaining the exclusive park partnerships with George Lucas, The Muppets, The Twilight Zone, and Areosmith. This is all before mentioning worldwide expansion.
  4. Other media. Eisner's business sense also propelled Disney media to new heights. He embraced Disney relationship with ABC, as well as pushing The Disney Channel and Buena Vista records to excel.

So where is my final stance? Eisner should be inducted, but not this soon. Wait a couple of years, let the aftermath settle a little longer, then give Eisner his rightful place among the greats.

Even if thousands of Disney fans erupt about it.

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Anonymous said...

On the list of cons, you left out the eventual shutdown of classic animation. However, I do agree. No one hated Eisner more than me in the end, but he did some amazing things early in his tenure